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Alexis Joy d’Achille

Alexis Joy D’Achille was a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a dear friend. Her relationships knew no bounds.  She put all those around her at ease with her cool manner and quick sense or humor – lightening and brightening any mood. She was bold, vivacious, and larger than life. She composed herself every day with style and grace. Alexis truly brought Joy into people’s lives.

Alexis Joy d'Achille

Alexis was also born to be a mother, which is why she and her husband Steven were thrilled to welcome their baby girl Adriana to the world in August of 2013.  Throughout her pregnancy, Alexis was her usual, happy self. So excited to meet her daughter, making every preparation and accounting for every detail (in true Alexis fashion).

From the moment Adriana arrived, Alexis seemed stressed.  Once home, she felt out of control, with anxiety beyond the “normal” new mom worries. Though she sought help, she was not able to get the relief she needed from what was now obviously postpartum depression.

Clearly not seeing any other way out, she took her own life on October 10th, 2013, just 6 weeks after Adriana’s birth.

The way Alexis died was not the way she lived. She had a doting husband, a beautiful daughter, gorgeous home, great family and friends, and a fulfilling career – everything a girl could hope for. That’s why her passing was so tragic and unexpected. If she could feel that lost and alone, any woman can.

In the weeks after, Steven decided he would make it his mission to do what he could to stop something like this from happening again…To create a legacy for Adriana to carry on in her mother’s name.

Alexis was truly a joy to the lives she had touched.

Here is where we honor her. Where we use her story to make a difference...So no other woman feels alone with PPD or gets turned away from the help she needs...So no other family has to struggle to carry on...Where women and families can come together to recognize and recover from PPD.

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